Press event with a focus on residual production

Press event with a focus on residual production

It was a true colour explosion of both strong colours and delicate spring pastels that met the guests at Høeg + Møller's ´Garden Party event´. The event formed the framework for the cookbook author, Katrine Tuborgh's new book "EAT AS A YOGI" and at the same time it gave us the opportunity to give the participants an insight into our company and our work with residual production. 

Høeg + Møller had a desire to create a table setting where colours and expressions were required and where each guest had different colours in their individual table setting. 

Our task was to tailor a composition in Kodanska products that both supports the colour theme, but also worked practically and aesthetically for Katrines Tuborgh's beautiful dishes. 

In the competent hands of Høeg + Møller, the result was a magical table setting that whipped up both the mood and the table setting. 

Insight into residual production… 

For the event, we had in close collaboration with Høeg + Møller created an exhibition of our products and the associated residual products that arise in connection with the production of the products in question. 

We have a special focus on utilizing every single residual product that arises in connection with any of our products, for that reason it was important for us to give the guests an insight into this exciting process.

This was followed by an interesting and fun talk with the participants, who came up with a number of creative suggestions on what our residual products can be used for. 

Høeg + Møller has been part of Kodanska's voyage almost from the beginning. Their visual expression is in a class of its own and from the very beginning they understood to capture and clarify the core of Kodanska's expression and identity.