The handmade product - focus on authenticity and personality

The handmade product - focus on authenticity and personality

We have a lot on our minds when it comes to craftsmanship and handmade products. Of course we do. All our products are handmade and mouth-blown unique products - or rather individual works of art with small variations in expression, pattern and colour.

This is the essence and charm of the handmade product, that every single product contains a tab of personality from the glassblower who created the product. This means that there will never be an identical version of the Kodanska product you have in your home.

BUT we are aware that we have a responsibility to pass on the premise of the handmade product to our customers so that they understand what to expect when buying a mouth-blown Kodanska product.

Therefore we want to give a few concrete and visual insights into how one product can vary in colour expression within the same colour category. 

The vase and the carafe above are both from the colour line, ‘multicolour pink’ and as can be seen from the pictures, the colour expression is far from identical. We never compromise on the quality of the individual product. The varying expression of the two products therefore has nothing to do with quality. Every single product, on the other hand, has undergone 6 tests that ensure optimal quality and thus a long service life.

Another example above shows two bowls from our Danish Summer collection. The structure of the collection is dominated by a tactile look in the form of small 'raindrops' in the surface of the glass. Here, too, the expression differs from product to product. At the top bowl, the tactile look is more expressed in the design and the 'raindrops' themselves are more external.

Both bowls are exactly as they should be and emphasize the definition of the handmade product.

At Kodanska, we want to inspire our customers and the outside world to choose quality and thus invest in lifetime products. We will therefore continue to have a large and sustained focus on passing on the story of the authentic and handmade product.