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I Am Not Perfect Candle Holder Small - Coffee

I Am Not Perfect Candle Holder Small - Coffee

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This is our new collection: I Am Not Perfect - But Unique. It is truly a symbol of a unique collection.

I Am Not Perfect Candle Holder Small is a surplus design from our Flow coffee cup. The candlestick is the top part of our coffee cup production and normally we would throw this part away and count it as waste. Instead, we have redesigned our mold and now make two designs in one production.

Why do we do this? To take better care of our planet and to be able to provide our customers with high quality design at a better price. Win-win for both you, Kodanska and our planet.

Our new collection is created as part of a larger no waste production, where 100% of the materials are used. We want to take better care of our planet by reducing the waste of resources. When you work with glass, you see the most beautiful pieces being cut off and thrown away. At Kodanska we go back and look at all our designs, redesign and think; How can we make a waste-free production of these beautiful and unique pieces in the future? Everything we have done in this collection is a big step forward in our future production. We're only just getting started.

Product information:
- Danish design
- Design protected
- Mouth blown and produced in Europe
- No Waste Product, no waste of materials in production

NOTE: I Am Not Perfect Candle Holder Small is supplied with a glass base as standard. The candlestick with metal base is produced to order.

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