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  • Kodanska Danish Summer Bowl Small Bowl Green
  • Kodanska Danish Summer Bowl Small Bowl Green
  • Kodanska Danish Summer Bowl Small Bowl Green
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Danish Summer Bowl Small - Green

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Its no secret that we at Kodanska often have an idea that in many coincidences ends in a completely different place. That was also the case with our new bowl – a beautiful mistake. The design of our beautiful Danish Summer Bowl was originally thought as a cocktail glass, but during the process we were met with several challenges with the product quality and expression – which we never compromises with. After countless attempts, we were left with the top of the glass without the stem. It was frustrating, but suddenly we saw the design from a different angle and were left with a beautiful little bowl in our hands. The bowls come in three sizes and are perfect for breakfast, desserts and snacks. Please note that all products are hand blown, which means that the product pattern may vary making every single bowl unique.

Washing instructions: All Kodanska products are suitable for dishwasher. Choose a delicate cycle and leave room between your glasses to prevent clinking. Stains on glassware can be caused inside the dishwasher by limescale or glass corrosion therefore washing by hand is by far