• Marie Graff is the designer and CEO of Kodanska. Kodanska translates to Copenhagen street in Czech and this is the street where Marie and her family lived for several year. Marie's husband Anders was an expatriate in the country and this gave a whole new everyday life for Marie with lots of space to unfold her passion for design and entrepreneurship.

    This was also where the idea of Kodanska came about. Marie needed a salt jar for her home and she could not find a product where both functionality and aesthetics were in harmony. This became the start of a collaboration with a local Prague based ceramic designer, which fulfilled Marie's vision of the ideal salt jar. The jar quickly became popular amongst friends and before long thereafter Marie was attending trade fairs for upcoming Danish designers.

    The Kodanska business quickly picked up pace and gained interest in the Design industry. Meanwhile Marie's passion for artistic Czech glass art grew and collaboration with a local glass blower commenced.


Relations build on trust and transparency

In 2017 Marie and her family moved back to Denmark but the bond to the Czech Republic and especially the glass blowers remains strong. Marie visits her Czech glass blowers once a month, where she cares for the relationship and in close collaboration with her team develops new ideas and designs.

The relationship with the glass blowers is crucial so Marie plans here work to cater for their needs. This means detailed production planning to ensure the glass blowers have a continuous and stable workflow throughout the year.

Marie is always in close dialogue with the individual glass blowers, leaning on their decades of expertise enabling her to see eye to eye as opportunities, challenges, new ideas and visions for the next great design is shaped.


- We ensure transparency by letting our customers into our business, right from the initial design process through to the final production.

-We never compromise on quality, which is why have at least 6 quality controls as the foundation of our quality standards.

- We value fairness over discount, which is why we pay our production the same amount for whether its 1 product or 100 products.

* We only make hand made products, which means that every piece is one of a kind.

- We value good business ethics, as a key component in the Kodanska culture. We keep our promises and always grow and evolve our business with our partners,

- Our glass blowers are integrated in our business, where we cater for their needs and desires and build lasting relationships.