Made with Care



At Kodanska, we strive to create a positive difference in the world, both with our products, our production methods, and the way we cooperate with our environment.

We are driven by a natural and insistent urge to push for the conventions within e.g. classic production methods in order to make a positive impact with our company.

This means that each and every Kodanska product is developed with a special focus on quality and responsibility as key elements. When you buy a Kodanska product, you are guaranteed that the product is:

  • produced with consideration and respect for the resources our production depends on
  • produced under proper working conditions within the EU
  • with as many as 6 quality checks



How can we create the best and most responsible designs? How can we think creatively and push the work with designs in the best direction? These are some of the key words in the considerations we constantly make at Kodanska. As part of this work, through creative design processes we succeed in creating pure 'no waste designs', where all glass is 100 % used in production.

Our vision is that our 'no waste designs' will permeate our entire product range in the future. We therefore work extensively and continuously to further develop our current production processes. A process that requires an experimental approach with new design processes and production patterns.



Our new egg cups are a concrete example of our work with optimization of both design processes and production lines. The egg cups are created as part of an innovative 'no waste' production with responsibility and quality as the focal point. This means that we have designed our new egg cup so that its residue is shaped like a beautiful bell. There has been no compromise with the quality and aesthetics of the clock or the egg cup, because designer Marie Graff has conceived both products in the design process right from the start.

Our egg cups are an important symbol of how far we and not least other companies can reach in the desire to create a positive difference in the world with an innovative and creative design process, if the will and desire is there.



We cannot accomplish this mission by ourselves. Because there is no company that can reach its goals with its own objectives alone - we need our customers to see the value of our work and support our mission. As a consumer, we make a choice every time we put money somewhere, and conversely, as a company, we have a task in relation to creating a proper product that is valuable to the customer, both in an economic and responsible context. It requires direction, visibility, and action on our part. We use every opportunity to communicate our ambitions so that our mission can succeed together with our customers. Our work with no waste designs is and will be an ongoing matter of the heart for us.

"At Kodanska, we work to create innovative lifetime products through responsible business management. It has always been like that. We have a great responsibility as a production company to make the best use of our resources and it is a task we take seriously.” 

Marie Graff, CEO & Founder of Kodanska