Flow Mugs

We are so proud and honored that our new coffee cups have been nominated for the year's design favorites 2024 in the category, design for the table. You can cast your vote here and take part in the draw for a gift card of DKK 1.000 for our website – vote here.

Flow mug is the first coffee cup in our collection. The wellknown stripes of the Flow collection are used again on our Mugs, but now on clear glass. The clear glass helps to give a completely new look to the Flow series and gives ample opportunity to express your inner barista. The colors are chosen with a playful approach to decoration using broken glass, which transforms into stripes in the process. Therefore, each individual cup will be completely unique.

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I Am Not Perfect Candle Holder Small

Two nominations is too crazy! Our new I Am Not Perfect candle holder is nominated for the year's design favorites 2024 in the category, candle holder. You can cast your vote here and take part in the draw for a gift card of DKK 1000 for our website – vote here.

The I Am Not Perfect candle holder is a surplus design from our Flow coffee cup. The candle holder is the top part from our coffee cup production, and normally we would throw this part out and count it as waist. Instead, we have redesigned our mold and now make two designs in one production. 

Why do we do this? To take better care of our planet and to be able to provide our customers with high quality design at a better price. Win-win for both you, Kodanska and our planet.

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Easter Eggs

With Easter just around the corner, find here inspiration for Easter decorations, table settings and the most beautiful hostess gift.

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Faith vases

The will and faith to succeed has created a completely unique product. The vase will always be completely unique and unpredictable in its expression, due to the way it is shaped. The vases are all mouth-blown, the top is hand-cut so that each individual vase appears completely unique.

Faith means belief. For Marie, designer and owner of Kodanska, it's all about surrounding yourself
with people who believe in you. When we focus on our strengths and feel that people believe in us, it creates security, a sense of calm and a sense of security that enables us to perform at a much better level.

This Vase is a contribute to all that have believed in me and Kodanska

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