Collection: Bowls

Glass bowls

Many associate glass bowls with a remedy to help in the kitchen, but in recent times, glass bowls have increasingly become an aesthetic part of the interior. Of course, glass bowls are needed when delicacies are to be prepared in the kitchen, but the newer and more aesthetic glass bowls are today also considered an important part of food presentation.

Specially coloured glass bowls have been popular for a long time. The transparent glass bowls in beautiful colours are ideal for servings that include mixed salads or meals in several layers. With a Kodanska bowl, you are always guaranteed beautiful, high-quality serving bowls, regardless of whether you are looking for small bowls for breakfast, or a larger glass bowl for serving on the dinner table.

On this page, you will find our bowls from the Danish Summer and Havana Banana collections, which come in several different sizes, so you can use them for individual servings, for sharing or for larger gatherings where the bowl goes round. The larger glass bowls can also function as fruit bowls or as the gathering point when Friday sweets are on the table.

Inviting serving with coloured glass bowls

Perhaps you know the expression "Eating with the eyes", which means that the appearance and presentation of the food gives us expectations about how it tastes and whether we want to taste the food or not.

Perhaps as a child you grew up getting desserts, like old-fashioned apple pie, served in a glass bowl where you could see the different layers of macaroons, applesauce and whipped cream. The glass bowl supports the expectation and creates joy at the meal.

A coloured glass bowl is beautiful in itself and can add a twist to dishes without so much colour. But a colored glass bowl can also make various dishes and salads appear even more appetizing when the dishes themselves contain brightly coloured ingredients that stand out on the table in several ways

Multifunctional glass bowls

The small bowls for breakfast, desserts and snacks can also be used for serving, for example, jams, dips, dressings or different toppings. The bowls are also easy to clean and can even fit in the dishwasher, as long as it is a glass program or a gentle program.

Kodanska's bowls are not only ideal for serving, but also suitable for decoration. For example, you can decorate your bowls with tealights, pearls, stones, light chains or something completely different that emphasises your personal style and the expression you want to promote in your home.

Design and mission with Kodanska glass bowls

One of Kodanska's missions is to make the home more colourful and create new life and good energy by combining different shades.

In our collections you will find many colours and expressions. You can collect your favourites, or mix the different collections to create different moods and expressions in your table setting. For example, you can easily mix a blue glass bowl with other shades, such as blue water glasses . Or pink bowls with bowls in completely different colours or from other collections.

All collections and products at Kodanska are mouth-blown, and are produced at a glassblowing factory in Prague. We are particularly proud of our craftsmanship and make high demands on quality. Therefore, our glass bowls and other products go through a total of 6 quality checks before they are approved for sale.

You can read much more about us, the glass blowers and our history here