Made with Care

We care a lot when it comes to craftsmanship and the hand made product. All our products are hand-made and mouth-blown unique products – or rather individual works of art with small variations in expression, pattern and colour.

For us, the whole essence and charm of the handmade product is that each and every product contains a slice of personality from the glassblower who created the product. This means that there will never be an identical version to the Kodanska product you have in your home.

Produced with care and respect

At Kodanska, we strive to make a positive difference in the world, both with our products, our production methods and the way we cooperate with the world around us.

We are driven by a natural and insistent drive to push the conventions within classic production methods in order to make a positive impression with our company and our products.

This means that each and every Kodanska product is developed with a special focus on quality and responsibility as key elements.


All our products are:

  • Danish design.
  • Food approved.
  • Design protected.
  • Produced within the EU.

Our glassblowers

In 2017, Marie and the family moved back to Denmark, but the connection to the European factories and especially the glassblowers is still strong, which is why Marie visits her glassblowers approx. monthly. Here she takes care of the relations and develops ideas and designs in close cooperation with the glassblowers.

The relationship with the glassblowers is paramount, without them there is no Kodanska, therefore Marie organizes her collaboration so that it caters to the glassblowers as best as possible. She adapts i.a. the production of the collections so that they create continuous work for the glassblowers throughout the year and not just provide seasonal work.

In addition, she cherishes the personal relationship with the individual glassblower and is always in ongoing dialogue about production in order to be at eye level with the glassblowers' needs, challenges and wishes.


Follow , where Marie regularly shares content from production and takes you behind the scenes of the design process.

"At Kodanska, we work to create innovative lifetime products through responsible business management. It has always been like that. We have a great responsibility as a production company to make the best use of our resources and it is a task we take seriously.”

Marie Graff, CEO & Founder of Kodanska