Collection: Glass

Here you will find all our colourful water glasses. Each individual water glass is mouth-blown and rounded in a wooden shape, so that all the glasses are the same size. The colour palette is uniquely composed and allows you to create a personal expression that appeals to you.

Coloured water glasses

On this page you will find our coloured water glasses from all collections. We have a clear mission to make the home more colourful, as well as create life and energy with a beautiful and aesthetic composition of both nuances and impressions. Among our designs you will find all kinds of coloured drinking glasses, always of the highest quality.

If you dream of setting a beautiful table, where the colored water glasses set the frame for the right atmosphere, the aesthetic expression or the coziness of personal style, Kodanska's collections are just the thing for you.

We strive to create designs that are innovative and colourful, and where there is a clear connection between quality, expression and responsible production. This is also your guarantee for a proper and solid product.

Why buy coloured drinking glasses?

Maybe you've been wondering what the whole colored water glass trend is all about? Isn't it safer to go for the plain and transparent glasses than colored drinking glasses? The ordinary drinking glasses are more anonymous than a colored drinking glass, but this is exactly what the trend is gradually doing away with.

The interest in interior design is an interest that is in perpetual development. Although there is often an interior design trend that becomes so popular that it is referred to as mainstream, this trend has gradually had to give way to personal style. This is precisely where the colored and colorful glasses come into their own, as they combine personal style with innovation and give a unique feel to both you and your home. At the same time, it is possible to turn the colors up and down yourself by combining your colored glass with simpler and toned-down glasses.

Danish design with colored hand-blown water glasses

Kodanska's water glasses are hand-blown glasses produced at a glass factory in Prague. We are proud of our craftsmanship and always make strict demands on quality. Therefore, the mouth-blown water glasses must go through a total of 6 quality checks before they are approved for sale.

Since the glass is mouth-blown, small air bubbles may appear, which is an inevitable part of the glass expression, but at the same time part of the charm of the unique and mouth-blown glass. It is also what makes each and every product unique. Our Flow glass is made of three layers of glass, which is a combination of clear and coloured glass. Both the Flow and Danish Summer water glasses are mouth-blown and rounded in a wooden shape, which means that all glasses are the same height, even though they all vary in colour and expression.

Freshen up the home with coloured glass

From the collections Danish Summer and Flow you can find tall glasses, also called Longdrink, which are large water glasses in beautiful colours. Whether you like green water glasses, blue glasses, pink glasses or colourful glasses in general, your new favourites can easily hide here. Coloured water glasses can have many functions, in addition to being well suited for serving different drinks. Among other things, they are incredibly beautiful and decorative in the home, for example as vases or tealight holders.

The practicality of Longdrink glass is that you have a coloured water glass that can be used both as beautiful and stylish large drinking glasses, but which is also suitable for delicious drinks, warm drinks or as a beautiful glass vase in your interior. Both the Danish Summer and Flow collections also contain small water glasses that can also withstand both cold and warm drinks. Both the large and small water glasses are beautiful in a collection, but certainly also in a mix of different colours. You can also choose glass from both collections, which give a beautiful, personal and almost artistic expression.

In the Danish Summer series you will also find milk jugs , bowls and carafes and vases , which can also be put together beautifully in different colours. The small water glasses are also ideal as small candle holders on a beautifully set table, or to create a cozy atmosphere for a relaxing evening on the sofa. The coloured glass is obvious for the purpose, as both pattern and color reflect the golden light in a beautiful and cozy way.