Collection: Carafes

Our carafes and glass jugs can be used both as a jug containing refreshing drinks, a vase for beautiful flowers or as a piece of glass art in an aesthetic still life.

Glass jugs and carafes

In the past, glass jugs and carafes were just a tool that was used on the table as a liquid container, so that the need could be quickly met when thirst first appeared. Today, glass jugs and carafes have largely become part of the aesthetic expression of the table setting, and many people therefore put as much thought behind their choice of glass jugs for water as they do with glasses and crockery.

Today, a glass jug for water is not just a jug. Jugs and carafes contribute to the overall setting and make the table more beautiful and inviting. In fact, the plain and recognizable jug can almost spoil the image if the table is beautifully set with beautiful plates, colorful glasses and fine decorations.

Kodanska carafe – a multifunctional piece of glass art

A carafe is typically what you associate with the serving of either water or wine. Our Kodanska decanter is no exception, and is well suited for drinks. However, the water carafe can also be used as a vase for the season's fine flowers or as a piece of glass art in a decorative setup on a shelf, a table or wherever you wish.

At Kodanska, we work with a wide colour palette, so you can easily find exactly the design that best suits your personal expression, regardless of whether your home is decorated with colours of great contrast or with more Nordic nuances.

Because all our products are handmade from mouth-blown glass, small air bubbles may appear in the design, giving each and every glass jug and decanter its own unique expression. The base of the jugs also varies in appearance, some are polished while others are star-shaped. This is due to the weather, which has a great influence on how the glass works during production.

Glass jugs with dots and colours

Dear child, as you know, has many names and our glass jug is no exception. That's why you may have also heard our Danish Summer carafe referred to as hedgehog jug or hedgehog vase? Or maybe just as a glass jug with buds? There are several products with a similar appearance, but you will find the original mouth-blown porcupine vase here with us.

The unique expression of the carafes and glass jugs is often also a good reason for conversation at the dinner table. If your guests are not familiar with the carafe's appearance and the small knobs in advance, they will also want to feel the surface and feel the tactile jug in their own hands.

Set the table with our Kodanska jug

One of the reasons why colored glass jugs have become so popular is, among other things, that we as humans are curious by nature and therefore also eat with our eyes. When we sit at the table, table settings, setup and the entire serving play a much bigger role than we give it credit for. If the food is presented nicely, the food tastes better and the same applies to the glasses and glass jugs from which we drink.

On this page you will find all our glass jugs and carafes from the Danish Summer and Flow collections, all of which are designed for both everyday life and parties. They are suitable both for your morning juice as well as water for the wine, on the Christmas table as well as for the summer party, as well as for fun or for a party.