Collection: Vases

Glass vases

On this page, we have collected our large selection of glass vases, all of which are handmade and mouth-blown, which means that each and every vase is unique. With our stained glass vases, we want to create a positive, colorful and artistic addition to your decor. The vases are designed from a wide palette of colors that nicely compliment the minimalist Nordic style. Each Kodanska vase also goes through 6 different quality checks to ensure high quality and longevity.

Many of our glass vases in coloured glass can also be used as vases for beautiful flowers or as jugs for refreshing drinks.

Mouth-blown glass vases in coloured glass

Since our founder Marie designed our first product, a salt jar, she has designed a wide range of beautiful glass products, including our unique stained glass vases. Each vase is designed in close collaboration with our glassblowers in the Europe, which Marie visits every month. Together with the glassblowers, Marie continuously develops ideas for new colourful vases. Today, this collaboration has resulted in a large selection of glass vases in many different colours.

All the colourful vases are mouth blown, which means that the shape, patterns and colours of the vases vary. Not one vase is the same. When glass vases are mouth blown, small air bubbles can appear, which only makes the individual vase even more unique. To ensure that the quality of the vases is top notch, each vase goes through 6 different quality checks. Therefore, you can be sure of getting a beautiful and colourful vase that can bring joy for many years.

Kodanska vases from the Danish Summer and Flow collections

All these Kodanska vases are part of our Danish Summer and Flow collections - two collections of glass vases in colored glass, each with their own unique expression.

The colourful Flow glass vases consist of both small, mini vases of approx. 15 cm and large vases between 40-45 cm. Some of the vases can also be used both as jugs for drinks and as vases for flowers. The Flow vases are made of three layers of clear and colored glass, which creates the beautiful pattern of the glass. By using broken glass and fabric scraps, the glass gets a unique undulating and dotted expression.

The Danish Summer glass vases are inspired by the often wet Danish summer, so the surface is designed as small and large raindrops. In everyday speech, this vase is also often called a hedgehog vase, as the dots on the glass bring to mind a hedgehog. The base of the vases can vary because the weather affects the glass during production. Therefore, some of the vases will have a polished base and others will have a star-shaped base.

The Danish Summer vases are designed in a multitude of beautiful colours. Among other things, you can choose a nice pink vase that fits perfectly with a feminine interior. Our yellow glass vase will also go well with the pastel-coloured decor. This vase is made with a transparent and light yellow color. If you are looking for something more colorful, then our blue vase in cobalt blue glass might be for you. This vase can create a nice contrast to muted tone-on-tone shades

Create joy with colourful vases

Our colourful vases can create joy in your home. Although the vases are often used as watering cans or flower vases, they are also often used as glass art. For example, create an aesthetic and unique expression in your living room by placing a colourful vase on a bookshelf, dining table, coffee table or on the windowsill.

With coloured glass vases, you can play with the colours in your interior. For example, use the vases to create a contrast with other colors in your living room or use them to emphasise selected colours. In this way, the vases can contribute to creating exactly the atmosphere and style that you want to have in your home. For many of the Kodanska vases, you can buy matching, colorful water glasses and milk jugs.

Washing instructions for our glass vases

All Kodanska vases can be put in a dishwasher, but we recommend using a gentle glass program so that the glass stays beautiful for a long time. Also, be aware that hot drinks should not be poured into the vases, as this can cause the glass to expand and burst.