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Faith Vase 02 - Ice

Faith Vase 02 - Ice

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Faith means belief. For Marie, designer and owner of Kodanska, it's about surrounding yourself with people who believe in you. When we start from our strengths, and we can feel that people around us believe in us, it creates security, a sense of calm and a sense of security that enables us to perform at a much better level.

The will and faith to succeed has created a completely unique product. The vase will always be completely unique and unpredictable in its expression, due to the way it is shaped. The vases are all mouth-blown, the top is hand-cut so that each individual vase appears completely unique.

The sculptural expression of the vase performs beautifully both with and without flowers in it.

The Faith vase is mouth-blown in the Czech Republic, where Marie lived with her family for a number of years. It was here that she started the interior design company Kodanska, which means Copenhagen Street in Czech.

Vaskeanvisning: Vaskes i hånden

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