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Flow Carafe - Beige w. Blue Stripes

Flow Carafe - Beige w. Blue Stripes

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Flow Carafe can be used both as a jug containing refreshing drinks, a vase for beautiful flowers or as a piece of glass art in an aesthetic still life. The jug is made of three layers of glass, as a combination of clear and colored glass. All jugs are the same size as they are rounded in a wooden shape. The Flow jug is mouth-blown, which creates the unique and varying shape, color and pattern.

The colors are chosen based on a playful approach to furnishing with the use of broken glass and fabric scraps, which in the process develop into stripes, dots or a graphic pattern. Our wish is that Flow creates joy and becomes an aesthetic, colorful and artistic addition to the home.

Washing instructions: We advise against using hot drinks in the jug, to avoid the glass expanding and the jug bursting. Can be washed in a dishwasher on a gentle glass program, so the glass is kept beautiful for a long time.

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