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Danish Summer Milk Jug - Clear

Danish Summer Milk Jug - Clear

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The Danish Summer Milk Pitcher is our newest addition to the Danish Summer collection. It is small and cute, and like the pitcher, it has several uses. As a milk jug for coffee or as a small vase on a nicely covered table. Each individual milk jug is mouth-blown, so that all products have their own unique and varying shape, color and pattern united in a piece of aesthetic craftsmanship.

Kodanska has developed a unique, composite color palette that allows you to create a personal expression that appeals to you. Whether you decorate with a playful play of colors or tone-on-tone shades.

The color Clear fits into any home with its simple and neutral color. It works well in combination with all the remaining Kodanska colours.

The designer behind the Danish Summer collection, Marie Graff, has been inspired by the wet, late Danish summer, where the surface reproduces both large and small raindrops. Danish Summer Milk Pitcher is popular in the Czech Republic, where Marie lived with her family for a number of years. It was here that she started the interior design company Kodanska, which means Copenhagen Street in Czech.

Tip: In the Danish Summer series you will also find jugs, tumblers, long drinks and bowls, which are beautiful to put together in different colours. And by mixing Danish Summer with the Flow collection, an additional interesting and artistic expression is achieved.

The bases of the jugs vary, some are polished others star-shaped. This is due to the weather, which has a great influence on how the glass works during production, but regardless, the result is a beautiful milk jug.

Since the glass is mouth-blown, small air bubbles may appear, which is part of the uniqueness and charm of mouth-blown glass.

Washing instructions: We advise against using hot drinks in the milk jug, to avoid the glass expanding and the jug bursting. Can be washed in a dishwasher on a gentle glass program, so the glass is kept beautiful for a long time.

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