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Havana Banana Bowl Large - Banana Split

Havana Banana Bowl Large - Banana Split

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The 'Havana Banana' collection is truly "one of a kind". The collection is a series of mouth-blown bowls, all of which are of high quality and made in a distinctive and original expression. Each bowl is a harmonious but also cheerful and colorful addition to the table setting.

In the production of our 'Havana Banana' collection, all colors are mixed manually, silver dust is sprinkled in by hand, and each individual product is mouth blown, shaped, rounded and trimmed by the individual glassblower.

The bowls are available in 4 different colours, each with their own unique color combinations, patterns and expressions.

Washing instructions: Can be washed in a dishwasher on a gentle glass cycle, so the glass will stay beautiful for a long time.

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